In his renowned paper from 1976, Stephen Hawking conjectured that information is lost during the formation and evaporation process of a black hole. Since then, there has been a continuing and vivid debate within the scientific community about solutions and several ideas have been brought forward.

The aim of this school is to provide an in-depth overview about recent developments in the field. Starting with a precise formulation of the problem in the first half of the school, we will discuss various solution proposals, with a particular focus on the relation to the BMS-group.

Targeting mainly PhD-students, the material will be covered in form of lectures and discussion sessions. Related contributions by attendees are also welcome.

The registration fee of 80€ will cover lunch, coffee breaks with refreshments and one dinner. Each participant needs to book accommodation individually. Registration deadline is the 5th of August.

The school starts on Monday, 3 September 2018, at 9.00am and ends on Friday, 7 September 2018, after lunch.

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